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What We Do

Business Assurance Services International - what we do. We assist companies in developing and implementing solutions at the enterprise business level or specifically to a project. We are committed to delivering bespoke services specific to our customers needs. Our core services are:

Assurance & Verification 

Risk Management

Regulatory Compliance 

Business & Project Management Systems


Founder and Managing
Director Barry Howard

Founder and Managing Director Barry Howard has over 35 years industry experience across the energy and resource sectors; oil/gas, civil infrastructure, mining & minerals.

Representing Owner and Contractor organisations in developing assurance and verification programs and risk management services in multi-international locations; Europe, Australia, Asia, Far East and Americas on multi $Bn project developments.

our core principles
Our Core Principles:

Integrity First

We will always respect your opinions and your intellectual property as we design the solutions for your business or project

Practical Solutions

Our methods and tools are proven and practical

Leaving a Legacy

We can train your team members in the use of our methods and tools in order to sustain your business in the longer term